Children’s Ministry

We Love Kids!

As a church, we recognize that Jesus cares a great deal about children and families. Therefore, we have placed a great deal of importance in ministering to our kids and equipping our families to do the same. Scripture shows that it is the primary responsibility of every family that loves Jesus to raise their children to be Jesus loving children as well. Proverbs 22:6

This means that all families who love Jesus should have a home life in which it is normal to read the Bible, pray together, and have instruction in godly living and character. Sanctuary is equipped to partner with all families in the raising of their children. Just as the pastors of the church are supposed to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, so all parents are to “pastor” or shepherd their children.

Additionally, we also recognize that this idea may be unfamiliar or even uncomfortable to implement. Consequently, our children’s ministry team is prepared to partner with individual parents and families to help them disciple their children. Our heart is for each family to be discipling and fellowshipping with each other as we do in the body of Christ.


We are currently using The Jesus Storybook Bible children’s ministry curriculum. This curriculum develops the story of Jesus Christ as seen through all of scripture. Starting off in Genesis with the creation of the world, and ending in Revelation with Christ as exalted King, the Jesus Storybook Bible introduces the many stories of scripture, while faithfully demonstrating how the stories really point to Jesus. This curriculum has really enabled us to disciple the kids in a more consistent manner by assuring that the discipleship process continues on when the kids go home.

Our church provides childcare for toddlers through 6th grade. Babies and those older than 6th grade are welcome in the main service.


Parents must check their children in before each service and must check them out after the service. Only parents are permitted to sign their children in and out of the children’s ministry.

Teachers and Teachers’ Assistants undergo a thorough screening process before volunteering with the children. The screening process includes submitting a statement of faith, participating in a personal interview, and finally being fingerprinted with Livescan. Livescan is an external partner who cross references fingerprints with local and national law enforcement databases.


During the course of our services, we offer small snacks to the kids. These small snacks are not intended to replace a meal. Please list any food allergies when signing your child into class so we can prevent illness and reaction.

Sick Policy

If your children are sick we ask that you keep them home.  As soon as they are well again, the children are welcome to return. This policy allows us to protect the health of the other children and teachers. If your child appears to be sick at the time of check in, our teachers will ask that you not check your child in.

If your child has shown any of the following in the previous 24 hours, please do not check him/her into children’s ministry:

  • A fever over 100 degrees
  • Any signs of chickenpox or other contagious virus/bacteria
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Flu symptoms, including, but not limited to, runny nose, cough, or rash